Saturday, August 25, 2007


Our rainfall for areas on the coast has broken records for the amount of rain received in a 24 hour period for any month of the year, not just August. We received 193 mm (7.6 inches) of rain overnight Thursday night, whilst further up the coast at Rainbow Beach, they had 713 mm (28.5 inches) that same night! Over the past week we've had 420mm (16.5 inches), and Rainbow Beach has had 940 mm (37 inches).
It's very wet around here.

Click on the map for more information about the Sunshine Coast.

This is Maroochydore Rd, between my place and the Bruce Highway. Cars are just starting to get through.

Same place, just showing a bit more of the scene.

These next 4 photos were taken from the local newspaper site to give a better idea of just how much water there is around here.

This is Kunda Park, close to where the first 2 photos were taken.

Crosby Hill Rd, on the other side of the mountain, one of the main roads into Buderim.

Beside the highway, near the Caloundra turnoff.

The Bruce Highway, just south of the Ettamogah Pub.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

We needed rain, but this is ridiculous! It has now been raining here non-stop for 5 days, and it has reached the point of flooding. The crazy thing is, I'm not sure how much is reaching the vital catchment areas to fill the dams that so desperately need the water. Dozens of roads are closed because of flooding, including the 2 main roads into Buderim from Brisbane.

This photo is just down the road from where I live, one of the last remaining spots of sanity in an ever-growing jungle of housing. There was no water here last week.

This is looking in the opposite direction, along the same stretch of road.

Mooloolaba didn't look quite so enticing today when I collected my son from work. The coffee shop where he works closed early as nobody seemed to want to sit in an outdoor coffee shop today. Funny, hey?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Look at what I found at Chookyblue's blog!
I've joined up - it looks like a lot of fun. If you'd like to join, email Chookyblue (links are provided).

I had an idea to organise a Christmas present swap………….

The rules are simple

  1. Please tell everyone about the swap and how to join….
  2. Don’t tell anyone who your swap partner is please. This will be a secret swap shhhhhhhhh!!!!!! A different person will be sending to you……….
  3. You have to be willing to post internationally as I want to swap different countries….hopefully get a partner from another country (depends on how many join).
  4. You need a blog or flicker site to participate (so your partner can sneak a peak and get ideas of what to make for you).
  5. You can make what ever you want eg, bag, small wall hanging, softies, stitchery, whatever it is you love to make………send something you would love to receive…..other ideas table runner or cushion...........
  6. Sign up deadline is 31st August.
  7. Swap partners will be emailed out early September.
  8. Sending deadline is 1st December to ensure your partner gets their present before Christmas (remember reason for swap). If you think it will take longer leading up to Christmas, post early, but not to early.
  9. If you want to join, email Chooky Blue or leave a comment and I will reply to get your snail mail address etc.....I will collect all participants details and email out contacts when organised.
  10. Any problems or questions make sure you contact me.
  11. I will make a contact list of participants on my blog.
  12. Please don’t sign up if you are not prepared to send........non-senders ?? will be named and shamed.

have fun,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged.....Twice!

I'm all new to this blogging, and am therefore a bit overwhelmed to have been tagged twice in one day! And they are both with the same tag - a Nice Matters Award.

The first tag came from Karen at Karen's Dolls and Stuff, a very talented lady from California who makes quilts and art dolls, and the second tag is from Sharon in New Zealand. Sharon is another really talented doll artist. Her blog is Material Magic by Shar.

What I need do now is tag 5 new people - no, I'm not going to double it and tag 10 people - that would be altogether too much for me at this stage, 5 is quite sufficient. My tags are:

Lisa at Megelles - Lisa is an award-winning bear artist, and one of the best in Australia. I think she is the best, but sadly my opinion doesn't hold much weight in the bear world. Lisa is also a good friend and sounding board.

Lynette at Lynette Anderson Designs - Lynette is a leading Australian designer of quilts, bags and stitcheries, who began her designing life as The Patchwork Angel. Lynette is my original mentor and long time friend, and I owe the commencement of that raggedy one to her. Thank you Lynette, my friend.

Julie at Juwles Embroidery & Patchwork - Julie is one of the most tireless people I know. She has 7 children, yet still manages to find the time to run an embroidery business from home, and make quilts, bags and other patchwork goodies. I'd be looking for time to simply breathe if I had 7 children - I'm exhausted by 2!

Cathy at Simple Things, Small Joys - Cathy is a fellow Queensland designer. Her designs are soft, vintage and gorgeous. I adore getting parcels from Cathy as the packaging is usually a work of art in itself.

Eefje at Eefje's Blog - Eefje is a multi-talented lady in The Netherlands who embroiders, quilts, spins, knits, dyes, and sews. Eefje is my swap partner for our group Christmas swap, and I am having a lot of fun gathering little goodies to send to the Netherlands in November.

These 5 ladies now need to copy and paste this award to their blog and nominate five more people. I am looking forward to seeing who the award is forwarded onto.

Kate xox

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Chocolate Crow Trader Changeover

I'm a member of Australia's best online magazine and crafts marketplace - The Chocolate Crow Trader. The new monthly magazine is released on the 15th of every month, which means we have to get our items to Bev a week prior, and I swear the 7th of each month comes round faster and faster each month. It seems I have only just sent in one month's goodies, and the 7th of the next month is screaming at me again to send in a new lot. I do enjoy it so much though, and I love the community of incredibly talented people who are the members of the Choccie Crow.

Sometimes I present my own patterns for sale, and sometimes I make up designs from other artists and offer the finished goodies for sale. With only a couple of days to go before the August changeover, you still have time to view all the offerings for the Christmas in July theme.

Here are my goodies for this theme.

The first item is Moon Santa from a pattern by Marcia Proper, trading as Hill Kountry Krafts. I just love him. I made 2 cos I couldn't stand it if I'd only made one and it sold and I'd be left without one.

The next item is a prim Santa designed by Victoria Lynn, trading as Kentucky Primitives. I think he is also so sweet.

My last offering for this month is my own design of a Santa punchneedle. This is not a finished item, rather it is a pattern for sale, so you can do your own punching, which is so much fun. I must do some more soon. I find it to be really relaxing. This pattern is called Dear Santa, and you can find it here.

Well, I'm now off to do some punching. Writing about it has made me want to go and do some more.

Have fun,

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Made the Cover!

Woo Hoo! I just got my forward copy of Homespun Magazine and I made the cover! Well, sort of - my name made the cover. A photo of the quilt is on the contents page.

Doing a happy dance here! The project is a small quilt and it seems like forever ago that I made it and sent it in, but that's the way with magazines - they need to work so far in advance. Here's a photo of the cover (of course!) and one of the quilt - I called it Heartsease. To see more, the magazine is Homespun #51 (Vol 8 No 8).

Kate, aka that raggedy one

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sunrise at Mooloolaba

Another early morning start for Simon at Mooloolaba, and another early morning walk along the beach. Today I remembered my camera (forgot the dog leash, so had to use a length of rope!), but remembered the camera. We walked in the opposite direction today and it is just as lovely, but has a completely different feel to it, as it is through the casuarina (she-oak) trees. It is a pity to come home to daily chores after this start - it would be so much nicer to sit and sip coffee on the esplanade rather than come home to the breakfast dishes. Wellll, it's a nice dream anyway.
Have a lovely day everyone, and I hope the start to your day is as pleasant as mine is.