Friday, October 19, 2007

My Dad

Here is your official
Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, it's not really Dad's birthday today..... it was last Sunday the 14th.
I couldn't have him thinking I was playing favourites by posting for Mum's birthday and not for his.... especially when they will have been married for 60 years in November. I didn't want to be the cause of any bickering either (smile).

They are on holidays in Tasmania at the moment, so I know he had a wonderful day, and I will hear more when they get home next week.

Love you Dad.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haircut Day

I've waited long enough for the weather to warm up sufficiently before getting Peat's hair cut, and he really was just sooo scruffy! I even had to chop bits from around his eyes so he could see. I hadn't planned on getting him shaved close, but he had to have a tooth removed a couple of days ago (he's 11 years old, and hadn't lost any prior to now) and the vet shaved a large chunk from the both his front legs, so that also decided his haircut!

The "before" photo. He looks quite happy, but he shakes the whole way through this ordeal. He is such a huge sook.

One leg done - he looks sort of like a make-do, but with a large pink tongue.

Half the body done and he is getting thinner by the minute. There's not really much of him.

He hates water! So much for poodles being water dogs!

Then comes the high pressure blow dryer.

Nearly finished - just have to neaten up the last bits.

... and who's a pretty boy then!

My boys at home hate the bows he gets in his ears, so I make sure he gets them every time! It's a bit sad when you get your laughs from your pets, isn't it?

Ironically the weather has turned cool and poor Peat has spent the last day and a bit curled up in a tight ball trying to get warm.

Peat was so named because he was black when he was a pup, and peat bogs are black, and that was my association. How did you choose your pet's name?