Sunday, December 09, 2007


My mum and dad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on 8 November. This is a pretty amazing feat in itself, but even more amazing is that the entire wedding party was present to celebrate it with them.

Tom (Dad's cousin), George (Dad's brother), Dad, Mum, Beryl (Mum's sister), Sybil (Mum's sister)
Tom and Sybil married 4 months later, so their 60th anniversary is coming up in March, 2008.

50th wedding anniversary
Tom, George, Dad, Mum, Sybil (Beryl could not make it that day).

60th wedding anniversary - all present and accounted for.
Tom, George, Dad, Mum, Beryl, Sybil.

Congratulations Mum and Dad.

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