Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've just had a birthday, on Valentine's Day, and my Yahoo group have a birthday swap where we all send 2 fat quarters to each other for their birthday. There are 24 of us in the birthday swap, so I just had 46 fat quarters to open! What a whole bunch of fun that was. The fabric came from USA, England, New Zealand, Netherlands and many parts of Australia.

Now I just need to work out what I will make with all this wonderful fabric. So many decisions....LOL!

This is what it looked like spread all over my table.

And this is what it looked like made into an enormous fat quarter bundle.
The needle case and pincushion in the front of the bundle are extras added to my parcels by Khris in South Australia and Sharon in New Zealand - just to make my birthday even more special.
Thank you so much to everyone!


Lissa Jane said...

wow! what a haul Kate! I am smacking myself that I changed my mind about the FQ birthday bash! oh well, theres always next year isn't there??


bettsy said...

Just saw your post about your birthday - and wanted to say Happy Birthday. We share the same date! (Valentine's Day)I'm down the road a bit in Brisbane and my son goes to UQ - and after a year there he is still surviving, so they can't all be that bad there. Nice to meet you.